I have been going to Dr. Bernice for approximately five years. I've had issues with my shoulder for many years. That's not the only reason I went though. I've been going to chiropractors for over 30 years. I will be forever indebted to Dr. Bernice. She saved me from surgery! I live in NC but winter in Florida. I got diagnosed with calcific tendonitis by an orthopedic surgeon in 2019. Was looking at surgery when we got back from Florida in 2020. My shoulder totally froze up during our stay in December of 2019. I got in to see the doc and this woman literally broke up the calcification in about two weeks! I went from having non-stop pain for over ten years to completely healed! No more pain at all! Hence, no surgery for me! Thank you Dr. Bernice from the bottom of my heart!!!
- Marianne Z.

I believe in chiropractic care thanks to Dr Bernice and have been a "follower" for 10 years. I am fortunate to not have a chronic problem but her intuition and expertise is able to keep me healthy and in alignment. I believe this type of preventative care is necessary for a well balanced lifestyle.
- Kim B.

Dr. Bernice is the Chiropractor that other chiropractors go for care. Do I need to say more? But I will...Her skills are above and beyond what I've experienced in my 30 years in the field of Chiropractic. She has a unique intuitive skill to her care. Her adjustments are comfortable and specific. She's a wealth of knowledge, so don't hesitate to ask her about any of your nagging health needs.
- Christine

I have been seeing Bernice Johnson for over 20 years. She has saved me from having a number of surgeries. She listens to my issues and works accordingly. She is the best! She cares about you as a whole person. Bernice is not only a chiropractor, but also an homeopathic therapist. I was suffering from anxiety issues plus wanted to be by myself. After having a consultation with Bernice and Greg they came up with a remedy. It has helped tremendously!. I remember when I was to have rotator cuff surgery. I saw Bernice and she adjusted me to where I did not require surgery.
- Greg M.

Here's my story. I'm a 67-year-old male. I had had chronic Low back trouble for many years, more than 20 years. I flew airplanes for a living, so all that sitting and all those foreign beds did not help matters. At age 63 I had had a long bout of particularly bad back trouble. Finally the day came when I could not get out of bed. Ambulance ride to the emergency room essentially marked the end of my career. I found myself at the neurosurgeons office, The MRI revealed five bad discs S1 through L4. I did not want to have surgery! My neighbor told me about Bernice. I have a very strong aversion to medical practices especially surgery. So I was ready for something different. I'll never forget the day Bernice and I had a heart to heart talk. I was down and out. She said – just stick with me and I'll get you going. And so she did.That was all five years ago. Now I am better than ever. Most days I have no back pain at all. Occasionally I get lower back stiffness but that's about it. I do some back stretches and I am up and running. I continue to see Bernice to this day and I'm very grateful for her special talents!
- David D.

After numerous recommendations from friends, I decided to see Dr. Bernice Johnson in 2006. My friends told me she was different, and they were right! She has done more to help my overall health over the years than nearly anyone else. She is kind and caring but no-nonsense about taking the necessary steps to improve wellness. I encourage you to consult her, especially if you have been disappointed with standard medical and chiropractic care that simply manage symptoms. She is a rare gem of a physician who understands the spiritual aspect of healing and uses it to benefit her patients. As much as Dr. Bernice helped me with chiropractic care, she's done even more for me with homeopathy. Eight months after receiving a single dose of one specific homeopathic remedy, I was ordered by my medical doctor to decrease my dosage of one medication, taken daily for 15 years, and gradually taper off it. One year later, I had the same experience with the second medication my medical doctor had prescribed. Neither time did I experience the withdrawal symptoms normally associated with cutting back on these drugs. Three years after taking the first homeopathic remedy, Dr. Bernice prescribed one dose of another remedy. Within a year and a half, my endocrinologist ordered me to stop taking all four of the bioidentical hormones I had previously required to feel well. Today, seven and a half years after my first appointment with Dr. Bernice the homeopath, I remain happily drug free. The cost of her treatment has more than paid for itself, but most of all, my health is the best it has ever been, and I have the medical test records to prove it. Thank you, Dr. Bernice.
- Kathy R.

Dr. Johnson is always empathetic and works with my schedule to help get me in when I need. She has a way of finding the root of my problem and fixing it . When she started my treatment, I had severe lower back and leg pain on my left side . Within a few visits I was pain free. Dr Johnson & everyone in the office are always friendly and fun to be around. I'm thankful that I found her, and I enjoy being pain free.
- Danny S.

I've been to over 20 different chiropractors in my life. Most of them ask where it hurts and then do the snap crackle pop in the sore spot. Dr Bernice can usually tell me where it hurts after poking around a little and then goes to work on the problem, which is usually in a different spot than the pain. Her understanding of how the body works is impressive. My wife and daughter hate going to the other chiropractors but they love Dr. Bernice and so do I.
- Ryan C.

Bernice has been my chiropractor for many years and I must say that she still blows me away with her knowledge and ability to heal the entire body, not just your back, neck. shoulder, etc. I first went to her with a frozen shoulder. The orthopedic doctor was going to do surgery which “may or may not help”. Instead, I went to Bernice and over a period of a couple of months she had me 100% opened up. She even had my husband come in on his lunch hour so he could learn how to work my shoulder at home. My two grandsons have grown up going to her and can tell when they need adjusting. One of them had a number of ear infections his first year of life. The pediatrician was going to put him on antibiotics for three months. Instead, I took him to Bernice. She said his sacrum was locked up and watching his body loosen up as she worked on him was truly amazing. She also muscle-tested him for soy, as that was the only milk he had been given. He was allergic to it. After that visit, he had no more ear infections. I was so impressed by her chiropractic techniques and knowledge of natural healing that when she posted a job opening on her outside sign, I immediately applied. I was fortunate enough to work for her for over six years before retiring. Bernice is a very caring doctor whose sole purpose is helping people heal without drugs and surgery. I highly recommend letting her help you!
- Terry P.

Dr.Bernice is awesome. Been going there for years. One time in particular I had severe neck shoulder pain. Two trips to ER, drugs including morphine, trip to primary doctor and still no relief. Finally went to Dr Bernice and within 20 min. pain was gone for good. Absolutely amazing. Her knowledge, experience and intuition is unmatched.
- Brad E.