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Angelic Wellness
Bernice Johnson, D.C.  *  Jin Kim, D.C.
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This was Greg's favorite as a kid.  I will give you the recipe as I received it from my wonderful Mother-In-Law, Mar-Jo.  It really is wonderful! Mar-Jo cuts the veggies into tiny little pieces- Me... not so much! Mar-Jo's is better, mine is faster!

¼ cup oil (I use extra virgin olive oil
4T fresh lemon juice
½ t Tabasco (I use more,  but I like things spicy!)
¼ t black pepper
6 cups (or 1 can)  V8 juice*
1 can beef broth**
½ cup minced onion
½ c minced celery
1 green pepper chopped
1 cucumber diced

Mix the first 4 ingredients to get the iol and lemon to blend.  Stir in the V8 like juice, broth, and finally add all the veggies.

To me, this is  better if chilled for 2-3 hours before serving, and even better the next day!

* You can improve the V8 juice by either buying fresh tomato juice blend in the orange juice section at Publix, or by making your own.

** Once again, anything canned usually had MSG. I use Veggie Broth in the organic section at Publix.