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Angelic Wellness

Bernice Johnson, D.C. * Jin Kim, D.C.

(863) 293-7789


I love desserts.¡¡ Truth be told I occasionally will have dessert instead of dinner.¡¡ Not that I am suggesting it, but some days are just like that.¡¡ With guilt free desserts it is not a problem.¡¡ Here is a favorite and it is fancy enough for company!


Ginger Almond Butter Stuffed Bananas with a Carob Agave Drizzle


Ginger Almond Butter Bernice style


1 c raw almonds (unsoaked)

Dash of salt

1 T coconut oil (you can add more if it seems too thick)

1 T sesame seeds

¨ö t powdered ginger

2 T Raw agave (OK, I usually don¡¯t measure anything so these are estimates, play with it and have fun)


Carob Agave Drizzle


1 T carob powder

Enough agave to make a drizzle


Slice a banana in half the long ways and place a layer of the ginger almond butter on the banana about a ¨ù inch thick.¡¡ Place the other half on the banana on top and drizzle the carob agave on top.¡¡ Make as many as you want.¡¡ They are very filling!