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Bernice's Berry Best Breakfast

 ¼ cup raw organic sunflower seeds
¼ cup raw organic pumpkin seeds
15 raw organic almonds
Distilled water
1 tablespoon of Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

¾ cup whole milk organic French Vanilla Yogurt (optional)
1-tablespoon whole flaxseeds (grind fresh daily, I use a coffee grinder)
½ cup organic strawberries (usually frozen)
½ cup organic blueberries (usually frozen)
½ cup organic raspberries (usually frozen)
Agave nectar, stevia or honey to taste 

Before going to bed:
Place the nuts and seeds in a bowl and cover with water and vinegar
Get out the colander, blender and coffee grinder to save time in the morning. 

In the morning:
Rinse the nuts and seeds well to remove the vinegar taste.
Place the nuts and seeds in the blender.  I have a Vitamixer and love it!
Add distilled water to blend.  If it gets too thick add more water.
Add the remaining ingredients
If it is too thick to blend, add more water.

Berries are among the healthiest things on the planet, especially the blueberries. When in season, eat berries until they come out of your ears!  (Blueberries will turn your poop very dark, so do not freak, you are not bleeding internally!)

Flaxseeds contain wonderful things that you just can't get in flaxseed oil. A tablespoon a day will lead to a host of health events. The sunflower and pumpkin seeds give you most of what you need daily. God's natural vitamins! Almonds are the healthiest nut. They are actually more related to a peach than to other nuts. They are alkaline-producing and a natural parasite killer. In nature, seeds and nuts have a coating that allows them to pass undigested through an animal's digestive system. This allows seeds to be transported away from the mother plant and fertilized when the animal poops them out. Soaking them in water and vinegar removes the coating and makes them digestible.

Need a change of pace? Use different fruits. Smoothies are also great places to hide raw veggies like squash. Throw a small yellow squash into the blender and no one knows.  Green veggies will give you away by the color, but experiment and see. Blending veggies keeps the fiber that juicing removes. 


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