Angelic Chiropractic FAQ's

Why Angels?

When Dr. Bernice was first in practice patients began to bring her angels. The truth be known, she has never really collected angels, they collected her. When the time came to start her own practice she had to decide on a name for the office. Apple Chiropractic was always in her plans because the apple is a symbol of health, but with so many angels it seems the choice was made for her. After a short amount of prayer on the subject the name became Angelic Chiropractic & Health Services.

How to avoid doctors

Health is something that is usually a God given gift. Unfortunately, poor choices tend to rob us of our health. To avoid the need for medical doctors in your future you need to stop adding toxins to your body, eat natural unprocessed foods preferably organic, exercise regularly, drink water, pray / meditate, laugh, and get adjusted to maintain balance in your nervous system. At Angelic Chiropractic & Health Services, Inc. we will help you to learn a healthier lifestyle. Change is a process and we will support you in your decision to live healthy and hopefully drug free.

Why use alternative medicine?

Alternative medicine understands that the body heals itself when given the correct ingredients for health. Symptoms are not something to be suppressed but to be understood and supported. A great healer once stated that 1% of all ills are physically induced, 9% emotionally and 90% spiritually. Alternative medicine healers will look beyond your symptoms to find the cause of the problem and are willing to partner with you to find what your individual need is to achieve health. We at Angelic Chiropractic & Health Services, Inc, strive to provide you with a complete line of health options including SOT chiropractic, NET chiropractic, homeopathy, acupuncture, brain mapping, weight-loss based on your DNA, smoking cessation, laser therapy, functional medicine and much much more!

SOT 101 - Chiropractic Adjustments

(Sacro Occipital Technique)

At Angelic Chiropractic & Health Services, Inc. we use the SOT indicator system to determine what adjustments will best help your health concerns. We then will apply whatever adjusting technique most appropriate to eliminate this indicator. This may include simple muscle relaxation, organ stimulation, blocking of the pelvis, activator or a good old fashion spinal "pop". How your body is adjusted will depend on your situation and comfort level. A newborn, a 30 year old and a 95 year old do not get adjusted the same way.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "They always take care of my needs, and I feel better when I leave. I will recommend to friends, and family."
    Gaylec, Winter Haven
  • "I highly recommend Dr. Bernice Johnson as your health care professional. She has helped so many people withe their health problems and has saved them from getting unnecessary surgeries. Her treatments have helped me in my work as well as playing tennis.. Call Dr. Bernice."
    Randy Percy