Meet the Team

  • Greg Herron

    Greg and Dr. Bernice are a team at home and the office.  They have been married since 1996.  In 2007, Greg retired after 28 years with NCR (National Cash Register) where he was a service engineer.  His computer skills come in very handy at Angelic Wellness since he has become our IT guy and submits all our insurance claims. 

    Greg is the son of a registered nurse that was very interested in holistic healing; Greg is known to regularly complain that he was born a lab rat since both his mom and wife test all kinds of new cures on him.  Don't let him fool you, he loves it and enjoys the natural way of living.  After living 28 years on little sleep and fast food working long hours for NCR, eating right, exercising and sleeping normal hours has been life altering for him. 

    Greg is currently in homeopathy school with Dr. Bernice.  They really enjoy taking homeopathy cases together. Working as a team on patient care has been a bonus for the patients since they both approach homeopathic cases differently giving fuller attention to details.  Greg has his second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  He is lovingly called Grey by the rest of the office and is known for his playfulness with everyone.  Greg is a wonderful dancer and has been taking his 'girls', Bindi and CC to agility training.

  • Tina Bryan

    Tina hails from south Florida and moved to Winter Haven to get away from the fast pace life.  Now she lives on a small 'farm' with her soul-mate, Jay. Farm because Tina is an animal person and has loved and worked with animals most of her professional life as both a kennel owner and veterinarian medical technician.  She has two grown sons that she visits often.  She and Jay love to hang in the pool, fish and kayak.  She is fun, kind and we are so happy she has joined our team.

  • Brynne Nowroozi

    Brynne is our wild purple haired girl from the burbs of Philly.  Mother of an adorable little boy, Calen, and two beautiful twin girls, Ellie and Taige.  She is keeping the office running smoothly and is most likely the one to answer the phone when you call.  Also, she is a massage therapist that loves to find every little muscle and works out all your tight spots.  She is also known for being the daughter of 'Harry's Old Place' on Cypress Gardens Rd.

  • Jonna Meschke

    Jonna has been involved in the whole-body wellness community for the past 11 years, with a background in cosmetology. She has a soft heart and is always eager to help ease the burdens of others. Jonna has always felt a strong commitment to building her community through service. She has served on the council for Polk Family Week as the service day coordinator where she was very successful in meeting some of the extra needs of the poor right here in Winter Haven.  

    With her husband, Steve (Meschke), they are a large family with a combined total of 11 kids.  Steve volunteers as Vice President of Ann's Angels, formerly called UCanSki2, a non-profit organization to help those with disabilities to safely water ski for free.

    Jonna has been a patient at Angelic Wellness for over a year and is excited to join the healing team. 

    Her hobbies include paddle boarding, nature hikes and water sports.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "They always take care of my needs, and I feel better when I leave. I will recommend to friends, and family."
    Gaylec, Winter Haven
  • "I highly recommend Dr. Bernice Johnson as your health care professional. She has helped so many people withe their health problems and has saved them from getting unnecessary surgeries. Her treatments have helped me in my work as well as playing tennis.. Call Dr. Bernice."
    Randy Percy