Testimonials for Dr. Bernice

"I walked into Dr. Bernice in the middle of last year after being told by my primary doctors that I had a painful and rare issue called Trigeminal Neuralgia at 21 years old! I was told by my Neuro that is was nicknamed the suicide Disease and that I would have to be on antidepressants along with all kinds of anti-seizure and pain meds. I have a very particular body and the medicine continued to make me sicker. One caused me to have fainting spells. I was a MESS. My pain level on a daily basis at the beginning was a 8-10. Dr. Bernice took time to figure me out as my body was out of whack. I went to her 3 times a week for about 2 months at the beginning and within that time my pain decreased from a 8-10 to a 0-2. I also was able to go off all of my medications. I continued to go in for treatments once a month until I had an incident that resulted in the pain returning. I called the office and they got me in ASAP and worked with me to get the pain back down at this time they had just hired a new doctor. Doctor Steve and he also worked with me. He recommended acupuncture to help with the attacks that I experience. I am now starting to get back down to where the pain is gone again. The whole office staff is amazing and both of the doctors are patient and kind and ready to work with you to help you feel better all around! If I had not found this place a year ago I do not know where I would be today. Dr. Bernice and Dr. Steve have literally saved my life and continue to do so!"

Sclena S

  • "My family and I have been to Angelic Wellness over the years, the staff has been wonderful and Dr. Bernice has been amazing. She knows her stuff!"
    Brian R
  • "Been seeing Dr. Bernice for 20 years. She keeps me moving!"
    Chris G
  • "When I called Angelic Chiropractic last year I was in a lot of pain. I was just diagnosed with a chronic and painful disease (trigeminal neuralgia). I was told by my medical doctors it would just get worse. They put me on meds that caused me side effects like fainting, gaining weight, low blood pressure,ect. It was bad. Bernice saw me 3x a week because my condition was intense. After a few months of going to her 3x a week I had no pain! I am now 3 months pain free and I owe it all to Dr Bernice. She was amazing, patient and kind. I was a difficult case but she was able to help me. I no longer take any medication for my condition because Dr. Bernice's magic had better healing powers and no negative side effects!! I am so glad to have my life back! Being 21 and learning that you have a chronic painful disease is scary but Dr.Bernice gave me a chance to live again and enjoy life!"
    Sclena S
  • "Excellent, positive results, professional treatment. Friendly, concerned, caring, trustworthy. Great treatment team that wants you to get better."
    Mike B
  • "Dr. Bernice has magic fingers and seems to truly be in tune with my body. I'm amazed at the progress toward health I've made since I started seeing her. Now 2 of my younger children see her and they look forward to it every time!"
    Jonna M
  • "Since I am a firm believer in chiropractic medicine, I came to Dr. Bernice in 1998 with chronic lumbar back pain making walking and daily activities very difficult. I was diagnosed with degenerative discs due to spondylolisthesis. To later add to the complex problem, I needed double hip replacement in 2005, so dealing with pain before and after surgery. However, after continued treatments with Dr.Bernice and her caring and knowledgeable chiropractic expertise, she got me through these trying times. I am now living a normal life and able to keep active in my daily living with no pain medication or surgery, which I am sure would have been suggested otherwise if I would of gone back to a specialist.

    Dr. Bernice is always my first medical consultant on any health issue. She is truly my "Guardian Angel"

    Thank you Dr. Bernice"
    Ann R
  • "Dr. Bernice has taken care of my whole family for about a year and a half now. Since coming to see her, our illnesses have been non-existent! With all of the crud going around, most of us got away with a little runny nose and a cough or two. Our children have much less time lost from school and the activities that they love. They are focused and confident and I truly believe that Dr Bernice Johnson's magnificent care is the reason. These are only a few of the reasons why I would recommend Dr Bernice and Angelic Wellness. You won't regret it!"
    Brynne N
  • "Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!! I can't find words to say how much Dr. Bernice has helped me!!! She is absolutely the best Dr.!!!"
    Vicki O
  • "I really loved the atmosphere, visually, in Angelic Chiropractic....I felt a sense of comfort in the cottage it is, with a feeling of "home"....... However, I could have used less loud music.....I tend to think that a healing center should incorporate soft music, or none at all......That is a personal feeling, and possibly not all can agree with my sentiment. All of the people working there were so kind and pleasant, and that gives me a confident feeling of healing."
    Beth R
  • "I can't say enough positive things about this place! I love that Dr. Bernice doesn't just rely on an x-ray to let her know what's going on, she has a system that looks much deeper so that she can actually give you a treatment plan that gets to the root of the problem. She not only made my neck feel better, but I have seen improvement in other areas as well! Her staff is also amazing. My girls go with me every time and they always ask "when can we go back?""
    Jennilyn C
  • "Dr. Bernice is GREAT! She really cares about the total health of her customers, and works hard to improved quality of life. It is a real breath of fresh air to deal with such a professional that is also loves what she is doing and very enthusiastic."
    Chris K
  • "I have horrible migraines. I am so thankful that my son recommended Dr Bernice to me. She is the first person that has ever managed to give me relief w/no medication or shots to manage the excruciating pain that goes along with my type of migraines.

    Dr Bernice, Greg (her wonderful husband) and all the staff, are the first ones to give me even a day of no pain.

    I appreciate them more than words can express. Yes, Dr B can be a little quirky, but she is worth every bit of it. Just love her like the rest of her client's do"
    Brenda N
  • "In December 2001, I was referred by a neurologist in Texas to a university hospital in Florida for an evaluation of degeneration of the spine, stenosis, and chronic pain of the neck and low back. I was told I would be put on a regimen of pain killers for the remainder of my life. When the pain became unbearable, they would operate on my neck and remove vertebra to alleviate the stenosis. The doctor warned me to never have a chiropractor attempt to adjust the neck or manipulate the spine!

    Shortly after that visit, I came to Dr. Johnson for a consultation. I wore a neck brace, a body support, and heating patches to relieve the pain in my neck and shoulders. Within six weeks of adjustments I was wearing none of the above and was able to walk short distances. Plus, I lifted weights at the wellness center.

    Since that time with continued treatments and massages, I am now teaching again, gardening every week-end, and exercising to compliment my Weight Watchers program.

    Thanks, Dr. Bernice"
    Candis T
  • "As always, a great visit. My wife & I come together & we both go out very pleased with our time with Dr. Bernice & all the Staff."
    Raymond F
  • "Dr. Bernice always makes me feel so much better when I walk out than when I walk in. She knows how to align the body correctly.

    This was just a wellness check up because I know the value of staying right. She has brought me from being unable to concentrate and feeling frustrated to being at the top of my game.

    Once you find the right doctor, you stay and follow their directions!"
    Stewart G
  • "Bernice,

    Just a note of thanks for all you have done for my family. Just finished watching Sam complete a three day basket ball tournament and play incredibly well, earn a MVP award and run like a normal 11 year old. I cry to think of how he ran two years ago. To see him now you would never know. I thank you for giving him back the ability to read and comprehend and fewer stomach aches. God has blessed my family through you. My list continues with ELI, Dad and Scott as well as my Mother. (the ion foot soaker has given her tremendous relief.) Bernice I cherish you and know that you are my sister in Christ.

    Peace be with you!"
    Kari H
  • "Wonderful staff and felt so much better after I left."
    Arlette L
  • "Excellent! Ribs were out of place. Now, I can breathe again."
  • "I have been raised from a very young age to believe in the valuable services of a chiropractor.Never have I been more aware of the benefits until recently under the care of Angelic wellness with Dr. Bernice Johnson. Doc is a very unique and caring physician with so many extra skills. I recently did her detox Phase Three program. And "WOW" is all I can say. The pain in my right hip was so painful. I could not walk up & down stairs. Only 1 step, 1 foot at a time. Bending was becoming almost unbearable and sitting for any length of time. Sleeping on my right side was unbearable. Only after the first week, I felt some relief of the pain. As I progressed in the program I was given complete relief of all pain. I have been able to reduce my visits. It feels great to be able to move and not feel the pain. I'm not saying it didn't take complete commitment, It did! It was worth the effort and the cost."
    Linda M
  • "Always a pleasurable visit. Never bored, even while waiting. Pleasant & friendly Dr. & Staff, also. Much better quality of life, for my husband & I both since we have been going to Dr. Bernice."
    Martha F
  • "Love Dr Bernice & the staff always helpful! I also love that the cost of care is very reasonable!"
    Patricia O
  • "BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS !! The GOOD DOCTOR & her STAFF are TOP NOTCH..... What are you waiting for??"
    Joan V


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "They always take care of my needs, and I feel better when I leave. I will recommend to friends, and family."
    Gaylec, Winter Haven
  • "I highly recommend Dr. Bernice Johnson as your health care professional. She has helped so many people withe their health problems and has saved them from getting unnecessary surgeries. Her treatments have helped me in my work as well as playing tennis.. Call Dr. Bernice."
    Randy Percy