Man has the amazing ability to screw up most anything. Think about it, if we started out our days in the Garden of Eden were all was perfect, well let's just say that did not last very long. Then we had this lovely planet where people lived hundreds of years, but we were such a mess it took a flood to clean up. So now that we have these really limited life spans, we manage to pollute our world with junk that is the by-product of the mass production of stuff we don't need. God help us!

Healthcare has also taken a nosedive. Face it, it is BIG business and being healthy is bad for business. Taking care of our selves seems to have gotten a lot more complicated then it used to be also. People used to just eat real food from the garden, exercise came from daily routines, medicine was the local herbalist, rest meant that we got up when the sun was shining and went to bed when it set and when you were thirsty, you drank water.

Water, ever wonder why there is so much of it? Perhaps it's because it is only second to air when it comes to our needs. So if you want the best bang for your health care buck, drink water. The daily minimum intake of water is 64 ounces a day that is 8 cups. Better yet, drink about a quart of water for every 50 pounds of body weight. If you are a big guy that works out in the heat, that is nowhere near what you should consume. Taking any prescription drugs? They not only tend to keep you dehydrated they are also toxic meaning you need even more water to clean up that mess. Yes you will have to pee if you drink that much, deal with it; your body demands it to stay healthy.

Water is not ice tea, Kool-Aid, or Milk. Yes they are made of water, but they have flavor. Clean fresh water really does not have much taste. There is a reason; taste stimulates the tongue to tell the body that something that needs to be digested is coming. Water having no flavor gets to enter the body and go right past the digestive process to be absorbed as fast as it can in your lower digestive system. Once you add the flavor, your body now has to expend energy to get the benefit of the water. Not good.

Why so much water, lots of reasons. Water is an electrical conductor, so your body needs it for your electrical system AKA the nervous system. You know, the part of you that runs EVERYTHING! Water is also the clean up crew. It flushes toxins out of your body. Think about what happens in your bathroom without water and you should get the idea! A toxic system leads to disease. Water is used in the chemical reactions throughout your entire system. Water is so important that if you don't get enough, your body will absorb it back from your waste disposal system (the colon) leaving you with hard bowel movements that just don't want to get going. Basically, nothing in your body is going to work correctly without water that is why you die of dehydration without it.

Not thirsty? Well, there is a reason for that also. Thirst is your body's way of asking for water. Most of us have been drinking non-water beverages when we are thirsty. If you don't give your body water when it asks for it, it stops asking. Instead, it will tell you it is hungry. Want to loose weight, drink water. Most people find once they start drinking water, they develop a thirst. How amazing!

Still not sure you need water? Are your lips chapped? Drink water. Are your mucous membranes dry (eyes, nose, mouth etc)? Drink water. Have trouble pooping? Drink water. Have a headache? Drink water. Muscles sore and cramping? Drink water. Urine yellow? Drink water. Feel lethargic? Drink water. Are you getting the theme here?

Don't like the taste of water? Here is a problem, because water really does not have a taste. If your water tastes not good and refreshing, it is polluted with something. Most of us are stuck with water polluted with chlorine. By the way, chlorine competes with iodine in your body and that is why so many people in this country have thyroid problems. Your thyroid does not function without iodine. So drinking and bathing in publicly treated water causes other problems. Some of us are blessed with well water that is spring fresh. For the rest of us, I prefer the method God uses to clean water: rain. Water is evaporated from the planet and then rains down on us. In my kitchen, that is my water distiller. It evaporates water from one part and rains it down in the other but that does remove much needed minerals.

So let me repeat, for the best bang for your healthcare buck, drink water. Yes pure fresh unadulterated water is the best, but even if it is iron colored, chlorinated cloudy tap water, drink up. It is better for you then dehydration.

Funny, our tap water is so bad that we pay big money for a bottle of water, and then the bottle leaches little plastic molecules from the bottle and plays havoc with estrogen levels. Like I said, we can screw up anything.

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