"Turn your Health Upside Down"

Have you noticed that man is the only animal that lives upright during waking hours? All other animals are usually on all fours. We are a huge design change from the other animals. Think about it for a minute. In your cat or dog, the organs are next to each other, in man the organs are on top or below each other, stacked. Blood has to flow up and down in your body not just sideways. That is a lot more work for your heart. In your pet, the organs hang from the spinal area and sway back and forth while he walks and runs. This increases circulation. Your pelvis is a bowl that holds all the lower organs and after a while, the organs start to get squished to the bottom. This leads to poor circulation, stagnation of toxins, edema or swelling in the legs, discoloration of the legs, constipation, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, prostate problems, sexual problems and incontinence to name just a few. Perhaps that is why they call your bottom the bottom. There are a lot of advantages to being on all fours from a health point of view.

Since your head is at the top, it is also the hardest place to get blood to. Just like water, blood does not naturally flow up hill! Ever notice that when you think about getting old, you think about loosing your vision, sight, teeth, and marbles! It is no coincidence that all those things are on top. Because you are upright, they just don't get as good a blood flow as the stuff lower in your body.

Your body has more than one bottom. With your feet at the other bottom, they also have to pay a price. The bottoms are where stuff settles. That is why gout affects your big toe. Your big toe is at the very bottom, farthest away from the pumping heart, so when the kidney isn't doing its job of removing wastes, they tend to settle to the bottom. Your heart only pumps blood away from the heart. The only pump you have to get blood back to the heart is motion. That is why you have valves in your veins, to keep blood from pooling at the bottom. Your poor lymphatic system is a slave to your heart and to motion. No movement equals swollen ankles.

The problem is one of gravity. Since we really can't see, hear, taste or smell gravity we tend to forget about it, but it is there constantly, relentlessly pulling at you. If the location of the moon can affect the tides by gravity, think how much the gravity of earth can affect you.

And the exercise that you are doing to help keep your body healthy can also be compounding the problem. Every step you take pounds your guts. Like a full box of cereal, by the time it gets to the shelf it's half full because everything got settled to the bottom.

If you have not noticed the effects of gravity on your body, you are not over 40. Stuff just starts dropping!!! All those parts that used to be cute and perky are on the downward path to your ankles. That is why people get a face-lift, not a face drop. That is why your eyes, jowls (good gracious don't you just hate even the thought of getting jowls!), boobs, and butt are all heading south. Well, guess what? If that is happening on the outside, it is also happening on the inside. No it is not a pretty sight, but there is something you can do about it.

If gravity can pull everything down, then lying on a slant board will allow gravity to pull it back up again. A good healthy habit to get into is to lie feet up and head down for about 20 minutes everyday. Ten minutes twice a day is fine. If you already have some of the listed problems, do it twice as long. It just sounds too simple, but you will be amazed at the results and how great it feels.

Once you have lain on the slant board for your allotted time, bend your knees slightly to soften your belly and gently pull all your guts toward your head starting at the pubic bone. Do this in the center and then lift each side. This will take the pressure off those lower organs allowing them to function properly, get circulation, and to detoxify.

Remember, the stuff all settles to the bottom, so you may have a lot of stuff or toxins down there. When you start setting it free, your body is going to have to deal with it. You must drink a lot of water to aid this process. If your body is overwhelmed with toxins, you may experience headaches, diarrhea, and cold symptoms such as congestion, cough and phlegm. Don't be alarmed, all is well. It is better to get this stuff out than to have your body be a toxic waste dump. Areas of toxic build-up are the fertile fields of cancer!

A slant board can be just that, a board that is slanted. You can go and get a 2 X 12; lay it up against something like the couch and lie on it with your feet up and your head down. Sound like a splinter waiting to happen? You can cover it with foam and fabric. If you want to do this with the ultimate of comfort and style, then go to Age in Reverse at www.ageeasy.com and order a BodySlant. However you do it is fine, just do it.

I know it just sounds too easy. But don't you think that is how the good Lord planned it? Easy. The entire basis of alternative healthcare is that when the body is given what it needs, the body will heal itself. If you cut yourself, you don't have to think about healing, your body just goes ahead and heals itself. That is why most of my patients wait so long before coming for care; they thought their symptoms would go away. With proper food, water, exercise, mediation, or prayer your body will usually heal.

So to help prevent and reverse the march of time, slant board. You will increase circulation, decrease swelling, decrease toxic build-up, improve elimination, decrease prostate problems, increase your sex life, improve bladder control, increase mental abilities, improve... EVERYTHING! Now you have a new piece of the puzzle, the slant board. So go and turn your health upside down!

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