Our 4 Legged Friends

How about our 4 legged friends?

Lately there has been a good deal of fear concerning what to feed our furry family. The truth is that we should have been feeling a sense of fear long before now. If you start looking into how most dog and cat foods are made it is like reading an account of Auschwitz. It is just horrible. I will not go into detail here because it is just too distasteful, but if you want more information please read more at http://preciouspets.org/truth.htm.

So what do you feed your pets?

Well, take a look at where they came from in nature. Cats are meat eaters in the wild. You do not see lions, tigers, cougars and panthers eating grass. They only eat grass or grains when they eat the stomach contents of the kill they have made. No one cooks the meat, they simply kill and eat. They do not worry about Salmonella or other food poisons even though the kill sometimes sits in the sun for several days while they consume it. Also, cats originally come from Egypt, a desert. There are no fish where there is have no water, so the early cats were not fish eaters. The best thing to feed your cat is raw meat, any meat.

Your dog has evolved from something close to a wolf. A wolf also eats mostly raw meat, but will also consume other things like fruit and veggies. My labradoodle, Honey, loves eating mulberries off the tree and my Eskie, Sugar, loves avocados that fall from my trees. So my girls get fed raw meat with plenty of raw veggies and fruit. I also get beef bones from the butcher and give them raw bones once a week. The bone marrow is very good for them. For a treat, chicken necks without the skin is wonderful. The neck is cartilage and will not splinter. If you eat a quality diet, they are allowed table scraps. It is suggested that you do not feed your dog: onions, grapes, raisons, chocholate and macadamia nuts. But everyone knows someone that has feed there dog some or all of the above and the dog is still with us, but use common sense.

Cooking meat kills the natural enzymes in the meat. These enzymes are part of the digestive process. Once meat is cooked, it is no longer a quality food. Cats and dogs also only eat once a day in the wild when food is plentiful. Kittens and puppies eat more often if possible. It is not unusual for wild cats and dogs to not eat for a few days up to a week depending on the availability of game. So keeping food available all day for your pet just is not natural and leads to fat cats and dogs. Being overweight is as bad for them as it is for you, maybe worse.

We all lead busy lives, so if you must buy pet food, look for food that is made from human grade food sources. If you must feed them pet food consider making up the following recipe for a vitamin supplement.

1-1/2 cups of yeast powder (any food yeast such as nutritional or brewer's)

1/4 cut kelp powder

1 cup lecithin granules

10 minced cloves of garlic

2 cups wheat bran

2 cups bone meal

Put a teaspoon of this in the food each day.

Also give your pet 400 units of vitamin E and 10,000 units of vitamin A and 400 units of vitamin D each week.

You will not believe the difference it will make on the skin and coat!

What about fleas and ticks?

Most of what the market and your loving vet offer up for fleas and ticks are poisons. They kill fleas and ticks (not all that well) and poison your loved one. So what do you do? Start by using food grade diatomaceous earth as a flea powder. It does not harm you or your pets (do not breathe it because it is irritating to the lungs and throat but will not harm). This powder will scratch the exoskeleton of fleas making it uncomfortable for the flea. Why stay on a pet that is not comfortable when there are other animals to bite? You can dust your babies every week or two. Actually you can do it daily if you need to at first. You can also dust the carpet and furniture that your pet has been sitting on. Borax can be found in Mule Team 20-20. It can also be sprinkled onto the carpet to keep fleas at bay. Then, put 3-4 drops of neem oil at the base of the skull and the base of the tail every week or two. Neem oil is a natural pesticide that is non toxic. You can also add it to soaps and shampoos. Finally, add "Flea Free" to the water and/or food of your pets. This is vinegar, garlic and herbs that safely rid your babies of these pests. The parents that invented "Flea Free" had a beloved pet die from using flea spray. They knew there had to be a better way and came up with it, "Flea Free". If your yard is infected with fleas, it will also help to spread nematodes into the grass. Nematodes eat fleas and ticks. You can buy nematodes at most feed stores.

What about the emotional problems of my pets?

Many pets seem to be as nuts as many people. Yes you can call the pet psychic, but I'm thinking to get the best bang for your buck, try Bach Flowers. Yes, I also recommend them for people. Bach Flowers are safe and they work. To find the flower essence that is correct for your pet go to http://www.bachflower.com/Pets.htm. I also suggest that you look into the newer positive training programs available. The day of beating your dog when he was bad is as gone as the day of beating your children. The only way to train a cat is with positive reinforcement and it seems to work best for your dog too.

Remember, the Lord gave us dominion over all the animals of the planet. That means they are our responsibility. We have lovingly done the best we could for our pets by purchasing "quality" expensive pet food when all along, we were being tricked by big business into believing that we must buy the garbage they advertise. This is not much different than the lies we have all accepted about our own diet. Food is the building block for health. It is time you, Kitty and Fido all started to eat for health.

Remember, I am a chiropractor, not a vet so this is my opinion and what has worked for me. It is common sense health care, so you decide.

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