Healthy Lifestyle Checklist

You must be flexible, have movement, strength and balance. The only way to attain all of this is to exercise. It is central to a healthy lifestyle. A quality exercise program includes both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic makes your breath heavy and anaerobic does not. Don't forget to stretch!

You must have all the proper building blocks to grow all your body tissues. There is a recipe to making your body. Have you supplied yourself with all the ingredients? They must be of a high quality so that you are not spending your energy trying to balance your internal chemistry. Don't forget to eat foods that give an alkaline pH.

Healthy Thinking
Listen to your self talk. What are you saying to yourself? Is it positive and inspiring or negative and belittling? Your thoughts and words create your life. Your thoughts are yours, are you in control or are your thoughts just drifting in the sea of your mind?

Do your values aligned with your actions? Is your spine aligned to allow your nervous system to function properly? Do your words align with what you want in life or do they reflect what you don't want?

Detoxification and Cleaning
Not only can you have a toxic body but you can also have toxic emotions. Your body is your vehicle do you keep it clean inside and out?

When you are dehydrated your internal chemical environment gets too concentrated and your cells can't function properly. Your nervous system controls EVERYTHING and your electrical signals travel in water!

Rest and Relaxation
To get the most in life you must learn to be fully engaged when doing things and fully disengaged when not doing things. You need quiet times. You need 6-8 hours of sleep each and every night. Going to bed and getting up with the sun is how our ancestors lived so should you!

Sunshine and Natural Light
We need full spectrum light to have proper brain function and circadian rhythms. Your body requires a minimum of 20 minutes of full light everyday. We were not designed to be inside all day long!

Environmental Hygiene
The pollution inside our homes is worse than the pollution outside. Our cleaners are toxic. Our air is not circulated with fresh often enough. Our personal hygiene products are toxic. We are exposed to a huge amount of electromagnetic energy and everyone should have a Q link to shield against this. Use natural products that do no harm!

Spiritually Centered
Prayer or meditation is essential to health.

Breathing and Oxygenation
O2 is your most important nutrient. Proper breathing leads to increased brain function. You need to spend some time each day doing diaphragmatic deep breathing; in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Vibration, Harmonics and Tone
Chiropractic was founded on tone. Your muscles must have normal tone to hold your joints in alignment. The antithesis of tone is inflammation. Every disease process begins with inflammation!

The human body has an energy field that extends out from the body. We actually give off light that can be measured. Some call it the aura but it seems to be electromagnetic energy. The frequency of this energy alters your body's structure.

Healthy Emotions
Chiropractic has always stressed the importance of healthy emotions. Emotions like suspicion, disorganization, hate, misjudgment, misunderstanding, despair, destruction, envy, antagonism, critical, lethargic, hesitation and procrastination will lead you down a path of destruction. In order to be healthy you must have faith, love, order, understanding, creative imagery, will power, zest and strength in your life.

Intention and Clarity of Mind
Know what you want and set goals for your life but do it with total humility. Start asking yourself questions, and listen to the answers your inner self gives you.

Spend time each day seeing in your minds eye what you desire to happen in life.

Fall in love with serving others.
The number one thing you can do to improve your health is to stop smoking. The number two thing is to volunteer. We were put here to serve! We are healthiest when we are happy and we are happiest when we help others. It gives us purpose, a sense of community and expands our friendships and relationships.

Shift to Vitalism
Your body has an inborn intelligence. Start to listen to it and trust what it says.

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