Healthy Breasts

Healthy Breasts - A Girls best friends and Boys like them too!

They go wherever a women goes. They can make a man stutter. They are always in the middle of a hug. They turn heads and fill out a sweater nicely. What are they, you guessed it, breasts. Few things in the world can stir emotions like them. Unfortunately, we just don't take care of them the way the Lord intended and they are turning into a nightmare for many women.

Breast tissue is predominately for the creation of milk. The breast tissue is not limited to the fatty mounds we think of; it actually starts under the collar bone and also extends into the underarm area. Breast tissue is also an area of concentrated lymphatic tissue. The breast lymphatic tissue drains into the abdomen, to the other breast and into the underarm. It is not an accident that the underarm perspires. Perspiration allows this tissue to release toxins and helps keep the lymphatic system from stagnation. Tissue stagnation is just unhealthy. Toxins build up and bathe the cells in body sewage, YUCK!

Step one in the care and feeding of the girls is to love them. So many women do not like their breasts that it only makes sense they have diseases. Thoughts are very powerful things and if you focus dislike and contempt onto any body part, eventually it will become diseased. I would rather have women spend the money on professional counseling to learn to love themselves as they are than get breast augmentation. That being said, I do think you are better off getting a breast increase or reduction than hating your body. Hating any part of you is just not healthy. Remember you were made in the Devine image! The opposite is also true, if you really love a part of your body, it will help it stay healthy. So think pleasant thoughts and say nice things about yourself!

Most women have no idea what a healthy breast feels like since they have never had one. When they do a self examination (good girl) they are just looking for evil lumps. What they don't understand is that a healthy breast does not feel like a sack of small curd cottage cheese, it feels like a sack of thick fluid, like oil. You only have the cottage cheese feel when you have lymphatic stagnation.

So how did most women get lymphatic stagnation? Lots of ways. The most common is by using antiperspirants. Why did God give us sweat glands? Because we are supposed to sweat. Sweating decreases body temperature, releases toxins and moves lymphatic fluid. Stop perspiring and stop functioning the correct way. I suggest that you switch from an antiperspirant to a deodorant. Will that stop perspiration, no, that is the idea but at least you will not smell bad. Sweat is good, smell is bad.

Another breast foe is the bra especially the under wire bra. The under wire does not allow fluid to flow in the three directions that it normally would; that is into the abdomen, into the underarm and into the other breast. It keeps all the fluid stuck in one spot, the breast. Do not use an under wire bra ever. Also, try taking the bra off when you are at home and give the girls a break. I have completely switched to a Maidenform product called Flexees ( These are intended to be figure shaping, but let's face it, if it will hold the fat, it will hold the girls.

Another major problem is our diet. We just don't eat correctly. This leads to an imbalance that leads to problems. One of the big problems in this country is iodine. Generally, we get iodine from seafood or iodized salt. The problem is that we do not usually eat enough seafood and we have cut way back on our salt intake. The average Japanese woman eats approximately 12.5 mg of iodine a day and they have almost no breast cancer. The average American woman gets less than 100 mcg a day and we have lots of breast cancer. To make matters worse, when you drink and bath in water with chlorine, it competes with iodine and we actually absorb less than 100 mcg. This leads to breast and thyroid problems. Know anyone with a thyroid problem? The statistics on thyroid issues is staggering! The current suggestion is to take 50 mg of iodine/potassium iodide a day for 90 days then cut back to 12.5 mg a day. This must be discussed with your doctor if you are currently taking thyroid medication. For me, this has been life altering!

Because we have such a poor diet and lifestyle we are toxic dumps (see my article toxic dump in the mirror). The breast tissue is a storage site for toxins. That is why we get cysts. A cyst is a storage site for toxins. Your body gets overwhelmed with crap and it has to stick it somewhere so it forms cysts. If the cyst stays long enough, it can turn into abnormal cells that can turn into cancer if given enough time in the cesspool of toxins. Any women with cottage cheese feeling breasts, breast tenderness (even that associated with menstrual cycles), implants, history of breast surgery or history of breast cancer in the family needs to pay extra attention.

I am not a fan of mammograms. I suggest thermograms to my patients. Somehow having my breast smashed flat while radiation is run through my delicate tissue just does not strike me has healthy. Thermograms take a photograph of the heat given off by your body and is a nice inexpensive way to get information on a situation long before a "problem" occurs. For additional information please go to

So what do you do if you are already showing any of the above problems? Besides following the things already suggested, try Breast Protect ( Breast Protect is a combination of ancient oils used for centuries. Castor oil has long been used to increase lymphatic drainage. Mustard oil is used extensively worldwide to stimulate circulation. Flaxseed oil is known to balance hormones. Cedar wood oil is an astringent and an antiseptic. Breast Protect is massaged into the breast tissue before getting into a hot tub or shower each day. The heat opens the pores to allow the oil to be absorbed into the tissue. Most women notice a difference in the texture of the breast tissue within a few days. Monthly breast tenderness is usually gone within a month. Non pathologic lumps from lymphatic congestion are relieved allowing more dangerous lumps to be revealed more easily. I know it just sounds too simple! I will tell you that I am tooting my own horn because God Inspired Products is my company and Breast Protect is my only product. None of this is FDA approved so I have made more claims than they would be happy with, but it works and the recipe has been around forever.

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