Evil Carbohydrates?

Are you tired of avoiding the foods you love like bread? Do you look at your family and see unhealthy fat? Do your kids come down with whatever is going around? Do you look at your parents and fear the degenerating body they have will someday be what yours is like? Then keep reading help is on the way.

Your body has 3 main types of food: protein, fats and carbohydrates. These are the things that you use as fuel to keep your perfectly created body going. So why are they bad for you and make you fat? Well in the form that the Lord gave them to us, they don't.

The one that has gotten the bad press lately is our friend the carbohydrate. I fell into this trap too, so don't feel bad. I cut the carbs and the weight fell off. I was thrilled, but think about it, are carbs really so bad or have we once again screwed around with the perfection of the Lord? You guessed it right, we screwed around with them.

Ezekiel ate nothing but wheat, spelt, barley, millet, lentils and beans for 430 days. How did he survive so well? All these things are both seeds and fruit which means that all the nutrition that the seed needs to grow is condensed. In its grain or seed form, wheat is almost a perfect food. Of the 44 known essential nutrients needed by our bodies and naturally obtained from foods, only 4 are missing from wheat- vitamin A, B12 and C, and the mineral iodine. If kept cool, dry and away from vermin wheat also stores forever. Rumor has it that they found some wheat in the ancient tombs of Egypt and when planted they grew! Now that's what I call a God given shelf life. That is why they ship wheat to disaster zones not flour. If you ship flour, people will starve to death; if you ship wheat they will live and plant the excess when the disaster is over.

Once upon a time, towns and villages were mostly built around a mill. The local mill is where you went to get your wheat turned into flour. Yes wheat can be boiled to make porridge but flour can make all the wonderful things we associate with most carbs. The problem with freshly ground flour is that once the outer hull is broken by grinding the flour goes rancid quickly. So there is a very small shelf life. Once milled the flour will oxidize and loose 45% of its nutrition the first day. By day 3 you have lost 90%. So it must be used quickly. The products made from this flour are also very nutritious to mold spores so the breads and baked goods will go moldy within a few days. Throwing away spoiled products is hard on profits.

So to keep profits up, early in the 1900's the process of separating the bran and germ from the rest of the grain was created and as a civilization we began to spread farther away from the mills and the healthy mill produced flour. This new flour had a very long shelf life so the flour industry was booming. The fiber with the oil that goes bad (bran and germ) were removed and sold as "grain" to the cattle and poultry industry. The remaining substance still gave the properties of flour when used in baking but without most of the original nutrition. After this flour stuff hit the market, the health of our population took a nose dive. The insane asylums were getting full with people that were nutritionally staving from eating the new flour. Beriberi and pellagra (two B vitamin deficiency diseases) and anemia became so prevalent that health officials urged the milling industry to return the bran and germ to the flour. Since the animal feed business was a rather lucrative market for these "by-products" of the milling process, they chose to "enrich" the flour with a few B vitamins (niacin, riboflavin and thymine) and iron to keep people from getting grossly sick. They added enough to keep you from getting beriberi, pellagra and anemia but not enough to replace all that was lost from the original milled flour. In other words, anything made with our current flour is empty calories.

Since we are a health demanding population, we wanted whole foods again. So the milling industry added a bit of the "by product" to the white flour and called it whole wheat. But it is not whole wheat, because whole wheat would go rancid if you bought it more than a few days after milling. Sometimes, they will add a bit of oats on top to the loaf of bread and call that whole grain because it has an entire bit of oat! This is what we call marketing. You see the word whole and think it is complete. While your body continues to get fat and unhealthy.

Your body is smart. You feed it nutritionally depleted carbs and it says that was tasty but I still need fuel or nutrition to do my job so please eat more. That is why the carbs of today make you hungry. If you were to grind your own wheat and bake your bread, you could eat it and be satisfied. As long as you keep the sugar level down in your baking, all the wonderful things you would make would be healthy. Cookie healthy, muffins healthy, bread healthy, pizza healthy, pasta healthy; not only healthy, but tasty, filling and satisfying too. You generally do not over eat when you eat God's food. If we order a pizza, we usually eat almost all of it. When we grind our own wheat and make pizza we eat half.

Does it take time to grind your own wheat and bake, yes it does, but with an investment in some convenient appliances it is not that big a deal. Using a bread machine, I can grind my wheat and get a batch of bread dough together in less than10 minutes and the machine does the rest! To get started, you can purchase whatever you need from www.breadbeckers.com . I like them because they are biblically based and the closest I have found to Florida which cuts back on the cost of shipping. Because flour made from fresh ground wheat has more substance, it does require appliances that are built tough. Your modern Kitchen Aide will burn up under the strain. So consider ordering your appliances from Bread Becker's also.

Your family could discover the thrill of nutritious fresh baked goods like bread, cookies, muffins, bagels, biscuits and scones. Nothing brings the family together like hot buttered bread fresh out of the oven. Grind your own wheat and make fresh pasta that will have your taste buds and your body singing! I promise this is one of the most delicious and health things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Enjoy!!!!!!

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