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At Angelic Chiropractic & Health Services, Inc. we carry only the highest quality products we can find to help you attain the highest level of health you can achieve. Biotics is simply the best. We suggest that you have a nutritional work up so that you are taking the correct nutritional products for you. In the meantime, we suggest you choose one of the following general multivitamin products and couple it with both Optimal EFA's and Bio-Doph 7 Plus


Bio Multi Plus - General. It also comes in an Iron free and a Iron and Copper Free form.
Equi-Fem - For the special needs of women. Useful with PMS, menopausal symptoms, hot flashes and general female support.
PMT - To support the endocrine system.
Pre-Natal Packs - Use during pregnancy.
KASP - For developing bones, body builders and scoliosis of the spine.
Bio-Musculoskeletal - For those that have stressed muscles. Use during rehab or for people with very physical jobs.
Bio-Anabolic Pak - General support for athletes and people involved in rigorous activity.
Osteo-B Plus - To support bone growth and repair. Use with osteoporosis, bone trauma, menopause and periodontal disease.
Bio-Immunozyme Forte - For those that get sick easily.
Bio Cardiozyme - For those with heart issues.
Pro Multi Plus - For those over 60.
It is almost impossible to get all the nutrition you need each day without taking supplements because our soils are so depleted and our needs are so high due to all the additional stressors we have that our ancestors did not. Studies have shown that those that take a high quality multivitamin live an average of 10 years longer then those that do not.

If you are a smoker, you have additional needs, please add: Pneumozyme and BioProtect

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