Alignment is something that is very important in your life. If you want something to happen such as your garage being clean and organized, but you keep throwing old junk in the garage and never do anything to improve the situation you are not aligned with your desire to have a clean organized garage. If you want to have financial freedom and you are unwilling to take the necessary steps to make money and not spend on things you do not really need, you are not aligned with your desire to be financially free. Most people understand these basics, but what they don't get is that not only do your actions have to align with your desires, you also have to have your thoughts and words align with your desires.

If you have an unhealthy body that is over weight, poorly nourished, under exercised and all your thoughts and words are about "I'm too fat, I disgust myself, I hate veggies, I hate exercise etc" you are never going to change that situation until you change how you think and feel. Some of the hardest things to do when you feel this way is to look in the mirror and say, "I am beautiful, I love myself, I love to eat healthy foods and I am blessed because I am able to exercise". It may be hard, but if you want to feel this way you MUST start saying and thinking these things. A useful saying is, "Fake it until you make it!". So stop just a minute and think about this a little differently. The good book says that we are created in the Devine image. If that is so, is it really possible to truly be fat, disgusting, lazy etc. HECK NO! Your true inner self is beautiful, loves veggies, loves exercise and loves everything about you. Your job is to get the true inner self and the outer self aligned.

This takes some work. Spend some time and listen to what you think to yourself and say to others. Are the words and thought coming from you aligned with what you really desire? If you really want financial freedom, don't dwell on being broke or on what you don't have, dwell on what you do have and are grateful for. What you focus on is what expands in your life. Focus on being broke and without and you will continue to be broke and without. Focus on the blessings in your life and blessing will expand. I know some days it is just hard to roll out of bed and be Suzie Sunshine, but even if the only positive thing you can think of driving to work is that you are grateful for the lines on the road keeping others out of your lane, it is a start. You are the master and creator of these words and thoughts; you are the only one that can change them.

It is understandable that in the stressful times we live in it is easy to become negative. As a society we have decided that some really strange things are important like name brand clothes, computer games for the kids, expensive houses and cars etc. As a society we are not aligned. What most of us really crave is quality family time, health, love, trust, hope, self worth etc. Sorry guys but working two jobs to pay for an expensive car or home does not give you the quality time with the ones you love. Our society is misaligned and that puts pressure on us to meet social needs that just are not really important. This really gets complicated from a social point of view.

Fortunately, the fix is not all that hard. Step one is to figure out what you really want or in other words, what is your true desire. Step two is to start thinking and saying the positive things that will help you to manifest this in your life. Step three is to make a list of the action steps required to get what you desire. Now notice here that what you think and say is listed before what you do. It really is that important. Alignment is frequently the missing key to most of our problems.

Alignment is also important in your body. If you have a job that requires you to work with one arm or foot all day, you will develop muscles more on that one side, this will cause an imbalance or misalignment. One of my patients is a painter, the muscles in his right arm, shoulder and back were very developed but the left side was just average. He experienced neck and back pain frequently. Chiropractic adjustments only gave temporary relief until he started painting with his left arm. If you golf and only swing right handed, you can develop the same type of problem. After a swing, put the club in the other hand and swing lefty. You don't have to hit the ball, just swing. It will keep you balanced and help with alignment. This goes with anything. It not only helps to align the body, it also helps the two halves of the brain coordinate the action improving your abilities.

The brain is the main computer and connects with the body via the spinal cord that branches out to smaller and smaller nerves till finally every live cell in your body is controlled by a nerve. Your brain is protected by the skull and the spinal cord is protected by your spinal vertebra. This protection is very important. If a plate in your skull or a vertebra is out of alignment, this changes the function of the nerves in that area. Everyone knows that if you break your neck and injure your spinal cord you will be paralyzed from the neck down. Most don't know that if your upper back is misaligned your heart and lungs don't work properly. Go a little lower and misalign the spine and your digestion is out the window. Go still lower and your blood sugar control and immunity is reduced. Go even lower and your kidneys can't function properly and your sexual ability is impaired. This even works in both directions. If your lungs are impaired from smoking, your upper spine will be misaligned. Constipation will give you a misalignment of the lower spine. Ulcers in the stomach will cause your mid back to go out of place. That is why it is usually impossible to be healthy without regular spinal alignments.

Have a health problem that is not responding to conventional care? Stop and think about how you are not aligned with your desire to get healthy. Are you eating properly? Are you focused on being sick instead of getting healthy? Are you watching depressing daytime TV or reading inspirational books? Do you need a spinal alignment?

The spine is surrounded by muscles. Some of them you have the ability to move and flex; some of them you do not. If your spine is not aligned for a long period of time, these muscles adapt to being in the wrong position and require several adjustments to get them to stay in proper position. Once that is achieved, depending on your health, you need to have a wellness spinal check up at least every 3 months. Face it, your spine is put through the ringer of life and needs support from you to keep it aligned.

So here is your homework. Find the places you are not aligned in life and take the action steps needed to end the frustration and find true balance. In the mean time, fake it until you make it. God Bless and good luck.

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