Our Wellness Partners

Kristen Moyle


This is the only mattress that Dr. Bernice and Greg recommend for their patients and also sleep on themselves.  Intellibed offers a 60-day in home trial and offers patients of Angelic Wellness a 10% discount. Take a look at this video and call Kristen with any questions. Your mattress can be harming you a lot more than you think!!

Nutritional & Functional Medicine
Dr. Joleene Anderson


Much like our Dr. Steve Rosman, Dr. Joleene will spend time with you to discuss your health concerns. Using the information you have shared, she will usually order several medical tests (blood, urine, saliva, stool, etc) to find patterns of dysfunction.  Once information has been collected and understood, she will help you to make lifestyle, dietary and nutritional changes to normalize your bodies functions, not drugs.  For a true health check up, call her today!

Fitness Pilates Studio

Leslie LaForest


Leslie will help you to move your body the way it was designed to move, not the way most of us currently move.  This process will alter how you breath, stand, walk, everything!  Partner with our chiropractic care, we will change your future faster and further.

Boot Camp Workouts for Women
Paul Bowman


No excuses will do here!  Young or old and in good or poor physical shape, Paul will work his magic on my female patients at his boot camp.  My patients rave about his classes.  He also does private training for men and women.  Paul not only works on the physical with exercise and meal planning/recipes but he is also a motivational expert to help with the mental/spiritual aspect of health.

Skincare Specialist
Renee Schmahl


For Dr. Bernice, a good facial is more relaxing than a massage.  It also gets rid of nasty black heads, hairs that have moved to strange locations on your face and leaves you with a healthy looking glow.  

Licensed Massage Therapist
Jill O'Brien in Winter Haven


Jill and Dr. Bernice worked together for many years.  Jill has advanced training in SOT chiropractic as a chiropractic assistant. She branched out into massage several years ago and started her own successful business.  Jill does a deep massage that will turn you into butter.

The Self Center in Winter Haven
Phyllis Ferguson and Cari MacConnett


Hot rocks, loving touch massage, reiki, reflexology and much more can be found at this center.  Enjoy!

The Oasis in Lake Wales
Erika Schindler


The oasis says it all.  Massage, skin care, nail care all happening in one location.

Chrysalis Counseling and Coaching

Aba Andah, M.B.A, M.A.


Everyone needs a coach every once in awhile.  Aba is an amazing listener with great insight and suggestions on how to improve your life.  Anxiety, depression, grief, stuck in your life.... call Aba.

Healthy Products for your Home and Body
Melaleuca, the Wellness Company
Sylvana & Gary Spangler


We should not have to hold  our breath to clean our homes, but too many of us do because the products we use are TOXIC.  The same goes with most of our personal care products.  If you can't eat it, should you really be putting it in your home or on your body?  Why use products that decrease our health when for the same price you can use natural healthy and effective products?

Got Mold???
Lightning Restoration
Carl & Joni Wilson


Even if you are not sure, get it checked.  Mold in your home is extremely common here in Florida and can devastate your health.  If you suspect a problem, call them.  There is not cost to get it checked.  If you do have an issue, they will clean it up using non toxic products. 

Back Saving Cleaning Crew
Traditional Cleaning Services Inc
Tracey Underhill


Sometimes when you are having your spine corrected the last thing we want you to do is vacuum, mop or scrub your home.  Tracy is using non-toxic products so you will be clean and healthy.  She will do an amazing job for you!


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    Gaylec, Winter Haven
  • "I highly recommend Dr. Bernice Johnson as your health care professional. She has helped so many people withe their health problems and has saved them from getting unnecessary surgeries. Her treatments have helped me in my work as well as playing tennis.. Call Dr. Bernice."
    Randy Percy